What is ocean conservation and why is it important?

Marine protected areas  also known as MPAs are as integral as our nature reserves and national parks , just as those areas protect terrestrial habitat types, MPA’s protect our marine habitat. Closer to home the very first MPA was declared in South Africa only in 1964 right here in the Tsitsikamma

Fishing populations have been heavily depleted and the sustainability of our oceans is threatened which is why Marine Protected Areas form the backbone of our marine conservation strategy in South Africa .

What is the future for Plettenberg Bay and our MPA’s?

The establishment of this Hope Spot will support the proposed linkage of the Tsitsikamma Marine Protected Area to the Robberg Marine Protected Area, but with a more inclusive approach where science, tourism, education and sustainable development and utilisation are possible. This will to some extent allow us as Plett locals to drive how we want our Bay managed, without seeing it pillaged from outside influences. read the full article here

Dr Gwen Penry is not only a Skiboat Club member but sits on the committee of the recently awarded Hope Spot for Plettenberg Bay. Read more about Gwen here.